Information Technology Trends

Some Emerging Trends in Information Technology

The range of technologies that are already available and those that are emerging is truly amazing. Just imagine this scenario – you can now access any volume of data, have it processed and retrieve it in multiple ways, all from the convenience of an Internet enabled device of your choice. It can be a laptop, a tablet or the omnipresent handheld smart phone that has changed the way the world views and operates on the Internet. The wonder of Information Technology is that it is a continuously evolving process and it is this dynamism that has seen new trends emerging every year as totally new versions or updates over the original.

New businesses can incorporate the latest trends when starting up to maximise operating efficiencies while existing businesses can leverage emerging trends to optimise sales, revenue and profitability. Whichever way you look at it, the need of the hour is for all businesses to harness the latest in this field so as not to miss out on growth and opportunities. The domestic setting too has benefitted greatly with almost all of daily activities being monitored by the click of a button.

Here are some of the emerging trends in information technology that has taken the world by storm.

  • IoT and the smart home – What is Internet of Things (IoT)? It is when devices or systems that were hitherto operated manually or through infrared can now be linked to the Wi-Fi and used through apps and the smart phone. You can therefore operate the cooling and heating systems while away, open the garage door while stepping out of your home and even switch on the electric kettle while still in bed. Businesses can save a lot on electricity bills by “commanding” systems to go to sleep when not in use or have lights turned off when there is nobody in the premises. The drawback is that there are hundreds of appliances and devices that are truly smart with each having their own controlling operations. Hence it is not a seamless experience. The latest research in this field is on universal network that will be applicable across all equipment and appliances. The good news is that major companies like Amazon, Google and Apple are involved and there should be a breakthrough soon.
  • Automation – This is one area that has seen rapid growth with most human exclusive tasks being taken over by automated systems. This has been possible primarily because of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which replicates human functioning. Most tools and technologies especially in a digital setting are automated. Take the case of the working of an SEM agency in Australia. Even not too long ago, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) required extensive and painstaking research by professionals in this field to work out optimised digital marketing strategies. Now, advanced technologies and cutting edge software has more or less automated the process, leaving technicians to focus solely on the creative side of SEM. Artificial Intelligence has also been the mainstay in robotics and robotic journalists have been trending for a couple of years now. It should not be too long before other areas are similarly positively affected.
  • Everything on Demand – Emerging technologies have taken the world to a stage where everything is on demand. Hence you have apps that get you rides on demand, food on demand, your favourite dress on demand and even a place to stay at night on demand. It is literally chaos out there with start-ups and existing companies scrambling for a bigger and bigger slice of the advanced technology pie. Web development companies in Melbourne or in any other major city on the globe are fuelling people’s expectations by creating and developing websites, responsive sites and apps that cater to every possible need of clients for apps that match their specific requirements.

These are some of the emerging trends in Information Technology today. New territory is being explored every day and new fields are expected to be opened in the future.

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